Linear and circular polarizer filters to be used infront of video projectors for 3D display

Where can I order (if possible in Australia) linear and circular polarizer filters (URL and part number PLEASE) to be used infront of video projectors for 3D display?

Thank you

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Don Gravos
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Don Gravos a écrit :

you can made it by yourself with a laserbeam and two linear vertical smalls hooles (we can have a little one in a electronique spare shop as gadget red light) as a device of the newton hole for study interferences light) ; This device make you very good interferences rays and if you open a photocamera with an argentic film you obtain an industrial filter on the surface of this film. Put off the objective of a 136 film ( 24 x 36 millimeters film) reflex camera and the image of the rays are directly impressed in the argentic surface of the film (operate in the dark with any color film or you can semi darkness with a red light for blak and white film). every image you take is a filter. (dependind the several time of exposition you try)

You can make an argentic phototreatment by yourself and you obtain an industrial filter. (I never try it with a digital photo caera, perhaps it works ... May be but the lenth will make diffraction if you dont put off them )

((please ever be carefull for your eyes with laser light devices)) !!!

The same you change the beam waves or the distances of the hole, the same you change the wave of the filter (the distances of ray are fonction of the distances between holes and the waves of the light)

umploying a laser light or beam will procure you a good stability and a monochromatic wave and filter you obtain are very stable. put the film facing of the direction of the projecting device to obtain parallele lines.

I let you the prefernce for a b. and w. simple film or a color one. But in case of a color one you have to umploy a new procees monochromatic (to obtain a b. and w. effect) . Thus you may collect several rays dues to the chromatic filter contained in the surface. Good luck good 3 D look ;-)) DiMi

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Didier Michon

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