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I have just been looking at some Optus "Fusion" plans especially the
$79/month one which offers unlimited local and national calls,
unlimited calls to OPTUS mobiles, line rental and 120GB broadband data
via ADSL2.

This is significantly cheaper than what I am currently paying for a
Telstra "Homeline Complete" and a Bigpond "Elite Liberty" cable that
offers 25GB data. Typically my phone bill is ~ $50/month. The Bigpond
charge is $69.95, but I then get a $10 discount for having a Telstra

What makes me nervous about changing to Optus, is that it requires a
24 month contract and I have no idea how good/bad their service is.

Does anyone here use Optus? Would you like to comment on their
service, broadband speed etc?


Dave Goldfinch

Re: OT: Optus Phone/Broadband packages
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Nothing "requires" a 24 month contract (although it will be claimed as
such) , offer them the chance to try it on a 6 month and see if it's
accepted , if not run away

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Re: OT: Optus Phone/Broadband packages

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 I've found the door-to-door droids are instructed to NEVER vary on the
options their selling.
 After all, if they're sending people out to drum up business, they're
probably not going to want to minimise that gain.

 I play with them like that, it all sounds very nice on paper (and they
lie about some of the little-asked points like charged uploads on
internet connections).  I drag them along till they bring out the 2+
year minimum contracts.
 After being all encouraged about me, they turn and run when I say I
don't do minimum contacts.

 But then again, if you're buying something from from a door-to-door
droid, you're an idiot.
 You can in most cases get a better deal from your present provider (be
it phone, internet, power whatever) once you threaten to run away.
Though, needless to say, you need to do your homework and find out if
another vendor CAN actually do a better deal first.
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Re: OT: Optus Phone/Broadband packages
Fri, 17 Jun 2011 09:51:55 +0800, writing in aus.electronics:

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I'm a light user so I can't comment about their various plans.

A consideration is if Optus cable passes your front door or if you're
still relying on Telstra underground cabling to receive your new Optus

That is the most important thing for you to consider IMHO.

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I'd be very nervous about switching to Telstra. ;-)

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I don't need to call Opera customer service very often, but when I do
call I find them courteous and helpful.

I am a long time Optus user of their broadband, telephone & mobile.
Optus reward long time users with special rates, for example I don't pay
a monthly charge for my mobile, I only pay for outgoing calls.

The Optus cable passes my front door so broadband & telephone come
direct via their cable and I have excellent service.

As I said above the most important consideration is if your new Optus
connections are delivered via Optus or Telstra.


Re: OT: Optus Phone/Broadband packages
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Their tech support is probably just as bad as Telstra's so you are not
losing out there (they both seem to accidentally hang up when you ask
for a supervisor). Their internet service is pretty much the same too. I
really don't see the point in paying a premium for any telstra service
except mobile phone, which is definitely much better than optus. But
everything else I don't think you have anything to worry about as long
as you don't go wireless. I've had optus cable for 10+ years and find it
excellent. I find their tech support people annoying and difficult but
no more so than Telstras. :-)

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