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Interesting to follow the twist and turns of the LHC 'startup'. Huge PR effort leading up to it, then the leak, then zippo. I visited the website last night, not a thing on how things are going. It just stops after the announcements of first beam injection.

Amazing how such a large and presumably well-resourced project can stuff things up like that. Anyone who's been involved with getting a major piece of plant up and going knows that there will be lots of problems and false starts, and that you keep the exercise quiet as much as possible until things are settling out. Anyway, they seem to have learnt that lesson finally.

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Bruce Varley
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IIRC it is now down for their winter. Apparently it is not run in winter. I heard one report saying it was not run in winter due to the amount of power available (or unavailable) and another report that said it was not run in winter due to energy costs.

I reckon there'd be lots of fun jobs - like a giant toyshop!

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Aren't they looking for LHA techs? (Large Hadron Absorber) ;-)

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Lord Garth

I like to think that some oddity turned up during the first run they didn't like the look of. Sufficient to switch it off and issue a cover story. A selected group are now repondering the meaning of life the universe and everything :)

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john jardine

It's not hard to find info on what actually happened:

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30-ton magnets(!) *will* take time to warm up (and cool again when repaired).

In a live interview I heard on the radio on the day of switch-on, the scientist being interviewed said words to the effect of:

"If the LHC works on the first try, then it will be the only time this has happened in the history of building these devices".

In this case 'works' meant getting the protons to go round the ring without hitting the walls.

As usual the media hyped it up to the point where any real information about the whole to-do was completely lost.

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