Connecting VCR to old TV - Advice

I have an old GE (Model GE341) small color TV with the rotary Channel selector. I'm trying to connect a VCR to it. Could somebody tell me if there is a particular channel set aside for that - or in any event how do I go about it. Regards

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** How about you first just try linking the RF out on the VCR to the antenna socket on the TV and switching through all the stations ?

See what ya get with a tape in the machine.

...... Phil

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Phil Allison

Does your TV support UHF? If it's a modern VCR then you may find that it transmits on a UHF channel. In that case you'll need a UHF-VHF down convertor, or a separate RF modulator that supports VHF, or a modification to your TV to accept direct video input.

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