Help hooking up old TV with old VCR (missing part)


I have a Sony Trinitron KV-1442AEB and I want to hook up my old VCR to it. I want to use a coaxial cable, but the problem is that my TV does not have a male knob with screw threads.

My TV has a female type hole and I thought we used to have a small part that had a male knob and fit into the femal hole. It was a box like thing and then the box had more connections. It might have only been good for an antenna.

Does anyone know if I can hook my VCR up to my TV? What is that box called and do they make some that will allow my VCR to connect to it?

Thanks Paul

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Those are F connectors, the two screw deal is usually for UHF only on what you're describing. The VHF is what needs to be hooked up for you to watch a tape. For recording the VCR interrupts the antenna signal to the TV for it's own tuner.

This is probably where your confusion lies. In certain years, bot TVs and VCRs had the seperate two screw deal for the UHF only. Back then it was hard to get COAX that transferred UHF well, especially high UHF. When you hook up a TV and VCR with the different connection schemes you have several options.

The problem is, I need to know what you're running off of to tell you which way to do it. Are you using an indoor or outdoor antenna ? Or are you using cable, if so, do you use a cable box ? If you have a dish as the source, look all over the back of the box and see what all it has for outputs. Some have the yellow, red and white RCA jacks, which gives more options.That is called composite. Some also have an output that looks like the round type mouse or keybord plugs on a PC, or the printer on an older Mac. That is called SVHS or S video. If you have a matching connector to that on the TV or VCR that would be good to know.

You didn't mention you location, if you are not in the US or Canada I have probaly wasted my time, but no sense deleting it. By the model number I guess it's a 14" TV ? You can carry that to any decent TV shop and they can not only hook you up, but most likely sell you the proper cables. Radio Shack may or may not be a good choice, but then a TV shop might charge you a minimum charge like $15 or something. They really should not have to pull someone off of the bench to do this.


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