Help With New TV And External DVD/ VCR Combo

Got rid of 20 year old set the other day and got a new Insignia IS-TV040919 $89 at best buy. Old set had a 2 year old Allegro ABV441 DVD/ VCR combo hooked up with quite a few adapters to make it work with the 20 year old tv but work it did both VCR and DVD played just fine.Old system not hooked up to cable. Rabbit ears : ) Hooked up the Allegro to the new Insignia and tv works fine, DVD part works fine and I can play retail and previously recorded VHS tapes. No cable hook ups on this either, rabbit ears.

Insignia has 3 vertical rows in back of tv.

  1. In - yellow, white and red
  2. Component - green, blue and red
  3. Out - yellow, white and red

Allegro DVD/ VCR has 4 vertical rows in back of unit

  1. VCR In Line 1 - red, white and yellow
  2. DVD/ VCR Out - red white and yellow
  3. Component - red, blue and green
  4. Audio Out - red, white and blue

I made my first connection with the Allegro row 2, DVD/ VCR Out to the Insignia row 1, In.

Under this set up everything worked as I mentioned above DVD, TV etc except that I was unable to record from the TV to VHS tape, just noise.

I left that connection as is and then hooked up Allegro row 1, VCR IN Line 1 to the Insignia row 3, Out.

Still can not record to VHS tape. I could be wrong but I believe that I am doing somehting wrong while trying to set up the VHS part of the equation if in fact those connections I have made are the right ones. Thank you.

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JR North

There should be a "Cable in" and Maybe a "Cable out" Connector on the VCR. Plug a set of rabit ears in to the Cable in and leave the connection you have alone. Put the TV on whatever mode in needs to watch a tape and use the VCR tuner. You will be able to record now, but will have to use the VCR tuner to watch TV, not the tV tuner. This does mean the VCR must be on to watch TV. Please reply if you don't understand.

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Thanks so much. The "ears" were indeed hooked up to the back of the tv. I switched them over to the combo DVD/ VCR deck and hit record on the remote and after a minute or so I rewound the tape and I had recorded what had been on the screen. I had come home with minutes to spare and with the intention of watching The West WIng and now I was able to watch TWW and tape the encore performance of Veronica Mars on UPN. I set the VCR to record VM and switched over to NBC to watch TWW when

8:00pm rolled around and suddenly the VCR switched over to UPN and VM appeared on the screen which was the show I wanted to tape while watching TWW. I soon discovered that now with everything running through the DVD/ VCR I can no longer record onw show and watch another. Is that the case and if so is there a work around. Thanks again.
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Your TV needs its own set of "ears".

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