AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle)

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I have to build an AGV (Automatic guided Vehicle) with speed of 60 meter pe
r minute pulling 100kg.  Planning to use DC motor in closed loop.Which micr
o controller I should use? (Arduino, Raspberry PI, Atmega) Which Operating  
is best for this task? Linux , ROS, VxWorks?


Re: AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) wrote:
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3.6Km/hr then, fair enough. I hope you've considered gearing.

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That depends very largely on what you want it to do. Should it:
(a)automatically react to its surroundings in order to perform a
predefined task
(b) follow a pre-set course
(c)just go where you tell it to in real-time?

If (a) you want a powerful computer like the RaspberryPi to
process inputs such as images, and possibly also a
microcontroller such as an ATmega (which is used by the
Arduino) for more accurate control of the motor/s than is
possible with a multitasking OS such that which you might
need to run on the Raspberry Pi.

If (b), you you might be able to cheat a little and just draw
a line on the ground for a basic line follower. These can be
made with a Microontroller, or just a simple circuit with one
Op-Amp IC (can provide a link to the circuit for this upon
request). If lines are a no-go, see (a).

In the case of (c), just the standard R/C toolkit should work.
Transmitter, servo, speed controller. The speed controller
might need to be fairly beefy. You could use the control
circuit from a small servo connected to some MOSFETs to make
a DIY high power speed controller (will rotate continuously
with the fedback removed).

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That entirely depends on what you want to do, and what
computer you use to do it. I remember there's a special Open
Source OS for automonous vehicles. Can't remember the name,
but a bit of searching should find it.

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Re: AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle)
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If you're just following a line, or a buried loop, you doen't really
need a computer, just wire the sensors through amplifiers to the
motors, so that if the vehicle is off track the motors will correct
its path.

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Re: AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle)
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