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I am trying to interface between my pc (windows) and a Xilinx
Virtex2Pro board using ethernet. i am told i require Xilinx PLB
Ethernet MAC ip core. i must admit i am very new to such work, forgive
my blatantness.... i would like to know:

1) What exactly do i get in the Xilinx Ethernet MAC ip core? (design
files etc?)

2) Using XPS (EDK 9.1) and ISE 9.1, how do i integrate it into an
existing project?

3) the ethernet is just a part of the project.... i only need to
transfer data between my pc and the board.... should the MAC be a part
of the board?

4) do i have to use an embedded processor (microblaze/powerpc) to
integrate the MAC?

Please let me know as soon as possible, and keep it as simple as
possible- i am new to this.

thanks in advance
Awaiting your advice


Re: XILINX Ethernet MAC (URGENT...)
Dear Mike

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Got that part.... Once the core is in the repository in EDK, do I add
it to my project through XPS as a peripheral (using the create/import
peripheral option) or do i use the Add/Edit core option? after this,
do i just download it to the board?


Re: XILINX Ethernet MAC (URGENT...)
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I don't think you got that part, because it would be the same as using
any other Xilinx-provided core. For me, I just drag it from the
Available Cores list on the left-hand window pane into the System
Assembly in the right-hand window pane. If that doesn't work, I
recommend reading up on how to use EDK. A good starting point is the
EDK reference manual.

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