Virtex-4FX and ethernet mac

Hallo, I'm planning to buy a development board based on Virtex-4FX.

I have read about V-4FX that ethernet mac is inside the FPGA.

I should buy also the license to use it when I make a project into EDK for plb interface?

Many Thanks Marco

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Marco T.
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You don't need a special license to use the embedded Virtex4 TriMode Ethernet MAC.

Check out Gigabit System Reference Design (GSRD) such an EDK project:

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"Marco T." wrote:

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Paul Hartke

No, Ethernet MAC is hard core and it's free

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Many Thanks to everyone for the replies. Marco

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Marco T.

But, be careful though, there isn't any s/w support for it in EDK yet.

Cheers, Jon

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Jon Beniston

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Thanks Jon,

I was sure EDK supports the hardcore EMAC - but afer looking closer it seems that there is no support in edk7.1 :(

any info if it is included in EDK 8.1 ? or is it coming in some EDK 8.1 service pack (like DDR2 support) ?


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Antti Lukats

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