Win2000 from PCMCIA drive

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We have a machine we're trying to build that has a small CF card on an IDE
controller, visible from the BIOS, and a 5 gig microdrive in a PCMCIA slot,
which is not visible to the bios but is visible to the Windows 2000 setup
CD. I am trying to install Windows 2000 to the PCMCIA card, using the small
CF card to do the initial bootstrapping.

When booting from the Win2000 installation CD, I can successfully complete
the first stage of formatting the microdrive and copying the files to it.
The machine then restarts, the Windows boot menu comes up, it tries to boot
Win2000 and dies with a "Could not read from the selected bot disk. Check
boot path and disk hardware" error.

I know there is a mechanism by which you can boot from non-standard devices;
the function key you press in early startup to allow you to load drivers for
things like nonstandard IDE cards, however I don't have such a driver to add
in. The fact Setup can see the drive and install to it, though, indicates
that the required drivers are present but are not being placed on the CF
card, or are not being loaded in early enough from the CF card. How can I
rectify this?

Dr. Craig Graham, Software Engineer
Advanced Analysis and Integration Limited, UK. /

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