802.11 PCMCIA to 87C196

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We're looking at using a standard 802.11b PCMCIA card in an embedded
application.  The micro being used is an Intel 87C196CB (16 bit), and
the specific PCMCIA card we choose will stay connected and will not be
swapped with other cards.  We will have to implement all the TCP/IP
and card drivers in firmware I'm assuming, unless there is an easier
way around that in hardware.

What chips are available to interface between PCMCIA and a 16 bit
micro?  Are there any other considerations to take into account?
Currently we use a ready made module that an 802.11b card plugs into
and gives us an RS232 connection.  This works well but is too
expensive for production.

Re: 802.11 PCMCIA to 87C196
On 17 Oct 2003 11:42:25 -0700, snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com (Im anonymous)

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The usual PCMCIA interface chips are targeted at 32-bit laptop
applications, so are generally too complicated for use with an
embedded controller. You can talk to the PCMCIA card drect, using
either an 8 or 16-bit bus, and around 10 address lines, memory and I/O
read/write strobes. You can either fake this using I/O ports, or
connect the PCMCIA card direct to your bus, in which case you'd need
some wait-state logic as well.

See www.iosoft.co.uk/wlan2.php for an example using a PICmicro. It
would also be possible for you to port our WLAN TCP/IP package to your
platform; I wouldn't recommend writing all the code from scratch,
unless you have a lot of spare time!

Jeremy Bentham
Iosoft Ltd.

Re: 802.11 PCMCIA to 87C196

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Is this the same method Rabbit use ??

Re: 802.11 PCMCIA to 87C196
I got a pre-series WLAN module from www.avisaro.com (a German company,
but they speek good English).

With this module you can comunicate using a rs232 (ttl level) or
parallel port without the need to deal with any of the WLAN stuff. You
can either send and receive emails or use a transparent tcp channel.

Try contact them at snipped-for-privacy@avisaro.com - their web-site isn't complete
yet. Maybe they can help with your integration.

- joe

Re: 802.11 PCMCIA to 87C196
Crownhill Associates


or Jeremy Bentham at


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