We need help to build electric infrastructures

Dear Sr(s)

Veiculos Ecologicos de Maria Jose da Silva Santos its a Portuguese Company that sells Electric Vehicles, and other new kind of Vehicles on Vila Nova de Gaia , Porto, Portugal, and we are searching for new produt suppliers, we seek solutions to exchange batteries for electric vehicles. Project URECA on

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so all new Products are welcome. We seek help on build infrastrutures to charge electric vehicles on malls and shopping centers, etc


Veiculos Ecologicos de Maria Jose da Silva Santos Rua da Belgica 3005 Canidelo

4400-055 Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto Portugal

Phone/Fax +351227810607 email : m_jose snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com

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I've just updated my site. Come by and visit, here's the link:



please any questions email to

m_jose snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com

or please call to

Phone +351 2278109607 fax +351 227810607

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