Can't connect through BDM Interface

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I'm developping for a MC68332 board and can't seem to connect to my
device with the BDM interface. I'm developping on a laptop running
XP connected via the parallel port with a BDM-interface of P&E.

Using the prog32 tool from P&E I can reset the cpu, but he gives an
error that he can't acces the processor RAM. When I start my pc in DOS then all
works OK

Could this be something with the parallel port and XP? I tried
several settings for the parallel port in the XP device manager and
in the BIOS, but nothing seems to work...

Does this sound familiar to someone?


Re: Can't connect through BDM Interface
HI Alex,

I am currently developing with a 68HCS12A64 and a BDM.

 I have been loading and reloading updated code during my development and
then all of a sudden I have
seen what seems to be the exact symptoms you have seen, the BDM does not
want to talk.

I have tried the USB BDM from P&E as well as Motorola's SDI BDM. The latter
gets further but in the end stops as well.

I don't have the answer as yet, but I believe that it is possible that the
BDM interface on the CPU has been disabled. I tried another CPU
and it work up to a certain stage in the upload and then died as the other
one. I changed the code a little and tried a third CPU
and all is well at the moment. Possible my code wrote over the BDM registers
or something, but I'm fairly sure it didn't.

I to am using XP.

Let us know if you get an answer and I'll do the same.


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