BDM Multilink HCS12 connection problem

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I am trying to connect to a >HCS12D64< Processor (16 MHz clock
rate)using the >Permicro BDM Multilink 12< from >CodeWarrior 2.0< but
receive the message "Can't find BDM speed". The unsecure-function also
finishes with a similar message. I have also tested another board with a
HC12D60 (15 MHz clock rate) (which I could program & debug with a
Lauterbach) and experienced the same problem. The settings for parallel
port are correct, the device does not have the resistor network that may
require pin clipping. Admin rights (Win2k) are given. The LED on the BDM
is on. The reset signal from the BDM only provides 2 Volts, some
activity can be observed on the bkgd line (approx. the protocol)

Has anyone using the BDM Multilink with CW ever experienced a similar
problem and knows a solution to it?


Re: BDM Multilink HCS12 connection problem
possibly your Multilink is defect. The target speed detect is done with
the first pulse to target what is not detected. How much is your pullup
resistor at the BKND pin? Maybe Lauterbach has a internal pullup in
parallel what is not available in the Multilink?

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