Connect 6DOF through Serial Port

I'm looking into possibly connecting a 6DOF sensor into a RS232 serial port. I was thinking something like the Analog Devices ADIS16350,

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I'm wondering, what sort of hardware (eval boards, converters, cables) would I need to do this? I'm more of a software person, so I don't know much about the whole electronics area.

Also, the sensor would be able to be powered through the serial connection, right?

If anyone knows of a sensor that might be easier to connect through a serial port, feel free to suggest it.


- Chris

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You have a PC with SPI serial, right? You do understand that SPI and RS232 are different, right?

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Why would you spend $500 for a high-resolution, high-speed sensor, then limit yourself to the capabilities of a PC serial port?

Look at the EVB link for that sensor, it has a USB adapter kit.

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