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Dirty sine wave generator

September 19, 2019, 5:35 am

Is there a way to extrapolate this D flip flop-based/XOR modified sine-wave generator to be a little less steppy using a couple more flops or XOR gates? or provide outputs of different phases? I... Read more »

Noise figure and Volts/rtHz

September 18, 2019, 5:59 pm

This Jfet lists noise figure as 2.1 dB, how do I turn that into v/rtHz ? Is the reference a 50 ohm resistor? So 3dB would be twice the voltage noise density of a 50 ohm resistor? https://www... Read more »

OT: 1.8GW solar park nears completion

  [ 2 ]
September 18, 2019, 1:18 pm

https://spectrum.ieee.org/energywise/energy/renewables/egypts-massive-18gw-benban-solar-park-nears-completion Located in Egypt's Western Desert, west of the Nile, but in the eastern Sahara. 1.8G... Read more »

MRI imaging inside Lithium ion batteries

September 18, 2019, 4:53 am

The is from this week's Proceedings of the (US) National Academy of Sciences https://www.pnas.org/content/116/38/18783.abstract?etoc Apparently the researchers have worked out how to get good quali... Read more »


September 17, 2019, 9:50 pm

MIT is habitually involved in some scummy scandal or other like I thought these people were supposed to be smart. I don't want to see the Media Lab crumble due to Epstein's dirty money why not?... Read more »

Re: OT: Why is Germany so (apparently) stupid to give up nuclear power?

  [ 2 ]
September 17, 2019, 2:40 pm

At the time, the world, Germany included, was well underway to re-embrace nuclear power, to reduce CO2 emission and all that. And then Fukushima happened. Jeroen Belleman Read more »

Driven switch body. (what about greater than one bootstrap)

September 16, 2019, 11:45 pm

So I copper clad proto-ed the grayhill rotary switch into my PD thing. I can post pics.. at 1 MHz an inch of bus wire is not a big deal. Anyway with the switch body grounded the step response... Read more »

MTA-100 connectors

  [ 2 ]
September 16, 2019, 10:10 pm

I've become a big fan of MTA-100 mass- termination connectors (as Tyco TE Connectivty calls them), used for off-board wiring. Here's a link to the PCB-mount headers at Digi-Key. https://ww... Read more »

Maximum rep rate for a standard microswitch.

  [ 2 3 4 ]
September 15, 2019, 11:45 pm

I wanted to make a turns counter for my drill press. I have it set for 330 RPMs or about 6 cycles per second. It doesn't work. Unreliable counting. My high point is (switch closure time) about... Read more »

electrospinning +15kV and -4kV = 19kV

  [ 2 ]
September 15, 2019, 6:49 pm

Electrospinning is an interesting technique for making nanofibers. We used +15kV on the needle of a motorized syringe pump and -4kV on a collection mat = 19kV total. The electric field pulls ... Read more »

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STmicro acceleration/magnetic sensor LSM303DLH == LIS331DLH + HMC5834?

Just had a look at the LSM303DLH datasheet and had a déjà vu ;-) It looks like ST has simply put a LIS331DLH and a HMC5843 into one package. (The HMC lacks the built-in voltage regulator) All data ar... Read more »


LT Spice schmitt oscillator

  [ 2 ]

Does anybody have a working LT Spice netlist for a simple schmitt inverter/R-C oscillator? I tried one using the library schmitt inverter and get obscure sim errors, and I don't understand the HELP ... Read more »


propagation velocity experiment

This would involve CK722 transistors, slotline samplers, and pecan pralines [1]. Unit of measure would be kiloseconds. Let's see what happens. John [1] The crunchy kind, of course. Only Yankee touris... Read more »


How to isolate 5V and 12V circuit

Hello everyone, I have extend existing circuit design by adding a 12V relay to it. AT the moment both 5V and 12V circuit are side by side. This doesn't work well. Intermitent device failure happen. I... Read more »


DSP Device for Guitar Pedal Effect

  [ 2 3 ]

I was wondering what DSP chip would be appropriate for a guitar pedal effect. I need to sample the incoming signal preferably at 96kHz perform a simple numeric function upon each sample and output h... Read more »


rechargeable batteries

Hello How can I charge a rechargeable battery in the lab, what's the 'reverse connection'? Read more »


Tek TDS 744A -> TDS 784A upgrade hack!

Hi, all, Just wanted to report success in upgrading my TDS 744A scope (500 MHz, 2 gigasamples) to a much swoopier TDS 784A (1 GHz, 4 gigasamples). It now identifies itself as a TDS 784A everywh... Read more »


EPE TENS circuit.

Would anyone have a circuit for the EPE TENS machine ?. Cheers .... jk Read more »


Secure PIC programming

Hi We have customers using PICs who sometimes need to re-program them with updated firmware. It's inconvenient to have to ship the equipment back to a service centre, and most customers are quite... Read more »


Protection circuit to be used for a gate pulse of SCR

Hello, I am doing a project on a temperature control system.My controller has been designed in LabVIEW and I get a control signal of 0-5V output from DAQ which needs to be given as gate pulse to SCR.... Read more »