rPi is working

I've had this rPi for a while now and I haven't done much with it other
than exercise a monitor. But lately I have learned how to log in
remotely from a PC, do file transfers between the two and have been
talking to an embedded target running Forth so that I can program it.
This is all working well and I am rather happy with it. I guess the
part I am happiest with is that I have reached a point where I know
enough to be able to use various web pages as resources to learn what I
want to do. Most recently I was able to figure out how to install Libre
Office on the pi. My first attempt was to go to their web site and
found no installation for the pi. But when I did a little searching I
found that it installs with just the old "sudo apt-get install
libreoffice", duh!
In a way this is taking me back to the old 286 I had that I learned to
program on.

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