Raspberry-Pi -> VGA socket monitor?

Can you piggy back converters, e.g. HDMI -> DVI -> VGA by
using a HDMI -> DVI plus DVI->VGA converter? Would that work?
I know that this will not include sound, but sound can be taken
from the round audio socket anyway.
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It should work, but there are now affordable HDMI -> VGA adapters available to do it in one step.
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Gordon Henderson
Ok, but if the two-step piggy back connection will work, that's fine with me. I just don't have space for monitor and TV on the table at the same time.
Eh that gives me an idea, I think my TV has a VGA socket, and obviously also a HDMI.
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formatting link

USB, VGA, a real time clock, and a proper RS-232 serial port all in one shield.
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That is a pretty awesome shield, and gives you a lot for not much more than a clock card. I just need to find an ADM-3A to hook up to the serial port...guess it's time to get the Kaypro out and see if it still works!
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