raspberry pi on an apple ii 'apple pi card'(as a pi desktop unit)

just an aside here....on this...
saw the thread on the pi laptop info....thought this was an
'interesting' way to run a raspberry pi ...a run was made
of these hobby cards..I assume another run will happen..
there is a hobby card that was mnfg called 'apple pi" and this allowed
you to plug in a raspberry pi and plug the card with the pi into your
apple ][ (apple 2 computer) from back in the day (apple 2, apple 2+,
apple 2e, apple 2gs)
I don't see any runs for them around (yet) I will post on here if that
occurs...it was inexpensive :)
below is a link
Just thought it was kinda a cool way to use your PI retro like on an old
apple ][ from like 1976 onwards :) stealth like :)
project info
formatting link

formatting link

formatting link

anyway thought it was a 'hoot' just tossing it out here :)
mr. brad
former sysop lost gonzo bbs
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