Connecting Raspberry Pi to Apple iigs

I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi model B. I would like to connect this
unit to my Apple 2gs (rom 3) and run emulation and communicate from the pi.
What cable hardware would I need to accomplish this?. I do have a custom
null modem cable and a serial to usb connector, Is this all I need to get
it all working or is there something else I would need?. How about software
to make the A2gs ad pi communicate? Finally, would a 1gb SD card be
suitable to just boot the pi, and communicate with the A2gs? Any help would
be appreciated on this. (Sorry if this question has been raised before).
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that sounds sufficient.
terminal software for the apple, and configure a getty to run on the usb serial port. (do this in /etc/inittab) lszrz on the pi for file transfers
generally 2G is the minumum reccomended, using a 2g card it's probably posible to remove packages until it fits on 1GB, but the difference in price is like $1, so why bother.
?? 100% natural
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Jasen Betts
Hi Jason, thanks for the reply.
Im a whole lot of noob when it comes to Linux and the pi. Could you point me to a link (step by step tutorial) on how to configure the usb serial port you mentioned. Im assuming that with this software configuration all I would do is plug the null modem cable I have to the gs, then plug the serial to usb cable to that and the usb end to the pi? Does it matter which usb port (upper or lower) I use?.
As for the storage i went and purchased a 8gb micro sd that was recommended for use with the pi. Im in the process of hopefully installing a OS on it (finger crossed).
Thanks again for your help.
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Yoy may also want to to look at this:
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In summary: this is an Apple II expansion card that mounts the RPi inside the Apple II. Communication is via the serial port on the RPi.
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Raymond Wiker
I have been playing with a BETA version of the A2Pi for several weeks now and it has been a real learning experience for me (Being a complete Linux NOOB). No serial wires/cables to hook up, just plug in and play. There is also Ivan's A2server and A2cloud :
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Minor nitpick, the package name is lrzsz. If there's a Kermit program for the IIgs you can also use ckermit or gkermit on the Pi.
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Jon Lane

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