Pi 3 issue??

I'm working on an rpi-juicebox jukebox out of an antique record player console.

Was testing a raspberry pi 3 on raspberry pi os running rpi-juicebox. Connected it directly to the monitors USB-out.

Saw a under-voltage warning, but no issues with the Pi running. Accidentally set the monitor ON the Pi.

I now wont show video, and... one red light on the Pi when it boots.

Did I fry the Pi? What is the LED status lights mean? What do I check to see if my Pi is bad?

I can test the monitor with another Pi in the mean time.... UGH.

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Unplug everything - HDMI, USB, power - wait a while, and replug power. Sometimes Pi gets parasitic power from HDMI and/or USB connections which stops the Pi from completely shutting down.

Chris Elvidge 
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Chris Elvidge

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