link on decktop rasbian

Hi All
I am tring to put a shortcut (link) on my raspian
mystic -cfg
I have a ternamal shortcut on the desktop that I created
but cannot get the Exec= for mystic right
mystic on the root=
can same one get same suggestion to how its done
Ian S 1st Choice Core Sbb Nz
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$ which mystic
Set Exec = string_returned_by_which
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Martin Gregorie
Hi Martin Gregorie > but cannot get the Exec= for mystic right
MG> $ which mystic
MG> Set Exec = string_returned_by_which
Thank you for your Reply
I have a Mystic bbs on raspbian and would like to put mystic -cfg (Mystic Configeration) shortcut on my raspbian your set string my be righ but I don't understand it.
My mystic bbs is is in root /mystic
Thank you
Ian S 2nd Choice core Mystic Nz ___ MultiMail/Win v0.52
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Ian Segers
Have you read /mystic/unix-install.txt ?
If you haven't, then do so and then do exactly what it says. Hint: you must be logged in and running a shell interactive session and have changed directory into /mystic:
$ cd /mystic
before you can install and configure the bbs.
If you *must* start mystic from the desktop, then Exec="/mystic/mis -d" would appear to be what you need, but you must have run './install' and then configured mystic before trying to execute "mis -d" for the first time, or running it is likely to fail.
And anyway, why would you ever want to start something like mystic from the desktop when you can configure your RPi to start it automatically as part of the boot process and to stop it automatically when you shut the RPi down?
You'll probably need a copy of "Linux in a Nutshell" at some point, so you may as well get one now if you don't already have it or something similar, such as "Linux for Dummies" - a bad choice of title, since most of the "... for Dummies" books are good to have if you don't already have some knowledge of what an operating system does and how to configure and run it. The "Nutshell" book assumes you already know another operating system quite well, while the "Dummies" books don't assume much prior knowledge at all.
Martin    | martin at 
Gregorie  | gregorie dot org
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Martin Gregorie

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