Using iOS mobile phone or iPad as a read/write USB device

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Since, with freeware, you can instantly turn any iOS mobile phone or iPad into a read/write USB stick ... suitable for copying photos taken on that iOS device (or for copying feature-length movies over USB to that iOS device, for example), please see JF Mezei thread posted today for details.

o IOS 13 support for USB devices

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Arlen _G_ Holder
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Um, isn't that always in effect whatever any digital camera does anyway ? Or did the Lightning connect thing somehow cripple IOS wrt read/writability of pix from external devices ?

Apple, crippling things ? Naaa - not possible.


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ios devices have always showed up as a standard digital camera when connected to a computer, no additional software needed.

they do not. quite the opposite. they make things easier, one reason why their products are so popular.

copying photos from an iphone to a computer doesn't need a lightning cable.

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Don't feed the Troll!

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nospam wrote in :

The Linux ifuse (fuse = Filesystem in USErspace) utility mounts an apple Iphone FS running IOS 9 perfectly well. IOS 13 not needed.

ifuse --help

Usage: ifuse MOUNTPOINT [OPTIONS] Mount directories of an iOS device locally using fuse.

-o opt,[opt...] mount options -u, --udid UDID mount specific device by its 40-digit device UDID -h, --help print usage information -V, --version print version -d, --debug enable libimobiledevice communication debugging --documents APPID mount 'Documents' folder of app identified by APPID --container APPID mount sandbox root of an app identified by APPID --root mount root file system (jailbroken device required)


$ ifuse /media/iPhone --root

This mounts the root filesystem of the first attached device on this computer in the directory /media/iPhone.

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Bear in mind, nospam conveniently forgot (or is ignorant of) a few things.

We're talking read and write to and from the iOS device from anything else (anything that plugs into USB will work just fine that's data)

It's clear nospam is either igorant of that fact or ignoring it. o But read and write is a critical fact indeed.

Similarly, nospam is either ignorant or ignoring another fact o We're talking the _entire_ visible file system on the iOS device

Read and write.

So be careful about what nospam wrote o Either he's supremely ignorant of these facts or he's ignoring them.

But they're still facts o Very important facts in fact.

Read and write to and from iOS device, for free; if you know how.
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Arlen _G_ Holder

Exactly. I've been writing tutorials on how to do this, for free, for years.

o Simultaneously slide Windows Linux iOS Android files back and forth over USB at 7GB per minute speeds using 100% native devices (no proprietary software needed)

o How to read/write access iOS file systems on Ubuntu/Windows over USB cable

o How to easily archive your iOS device and/or how to use your iOS device as a free USB stick (read & write)?

o What's a good way to offload storage on an iPad directly to a 64GB USB flash drive?

o Easily turn an iOS device into a read/write USB stick - for free - in a few minutes

o Why doesn't Apple just let you manage your iOS file system natively on Windows?

o How to read/write access iOS file systems on Ubuntu/Windows over USB cable

o How to transfer iPad photos/videos to/from Linux/Windows over Wi-Fi LAN?

o Easiest way to move saved data from iPad mini to the Costco $300 128GB iPad 9.7" device?

o How to work around the new Apple iOS7 infinite loop of mistrust bug on Linux? etc.

Bringing valuable detailed functionality to Usenet users; 1 tutorial at a time.
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Arlen _G_ Holder

Apple is (figuratively) drunk on (secretly) reducing functionality o After the product ships

FACTS: o Do any Android phone manufacturers throttle (CPUs, PD Charging, Modems) like Apple consistently does?

o Apple is activating secret software inside the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

o Does any Android phone manufacturer pull the hostile battery & display lockout stunts that Apple secretly added to the iPhones recently?

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Arlen _G_ Holder

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