PXA255 read/write timing

I am using intel PXA flash chip to store embedded bootloader and embedded App. It is taking long time (4 minutes) to write 3 MB data. I am writing

128k block at a time. It is taking 10 seconds to read.

Any suggestions on improving the speed to write is appreciated. I am new to flash programming. Or is it expected time? Did we select wrong chip for writing such large data. I am designing to avoid reading and writing more times from flash, still for updates entire image needs programming.

Thanks for comments from experts.

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What Flash are you using ? What the datasheet tells ? The big time taken in a flash write is the erase part. We use Intel Strata and is fast, BUT the data sheet says that it can take until 30 seconds to erase a block. As you are new in the subject, if you write frequentelly to the flash, be carefull to change the blocks you are using or else the flash can expire the number of possible erases...

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Jose Luis Marchetti

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