READ/WRITE files using TEXTIO using Quartus


I am write and read from a text file using vhdl. I am using quartus

4.0 to compile and simulate. when I compile the code below, it said that the writeline, write functions are not synthesis, which is correct. Then when I simulate using simulator tools, it does not work, and nothing get written to the "test_1.txt".

Did anyone try to do this in Quartus before? and what is the problems in my code?

Thank you in advance for ur time and effort, John.

Library IEEE; use ieee.std_logic_1164.all;

use std.textio.all;

entity test_1_wrrd is

generic( Input_File : string := "test_1.txt" );

port ( a : in std_logic; -- clk : in std_logic; b : out std_logic; s : in std_logic ); end entity test_1_wrrd;

architecture beh of test_1_wrrd is begin

Process(a, s) file p_file : text open write_mode is Input_File ; Variable l : Line;

Begin if s = '1' then b

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Quartus has absolutely nothing to do with this. Do not try to synthesize a test bench, since it would mean you want your FPGA to write into a file ;-) You must use a VHDL simulator like ModelSim (AE or other) for this to work.

To make it simple : Quartus is for synthesis, ModelSim is for simulation.

Otherwise, the code has the principle of text io, so it should _almost_ work. I'm suspicious here because you didn't say the simulator rejected your code, which it should have, since "a" is ambiguous ! I suspect you didn't simulate, opr compile, or instanciate test_1_wrrd, or s is not '1' while a changes, etc... etc....

In case of doubt, load your test bench, make sure you can get into the test_1_wrrd instance, and place a breakpoint.

Oh, about ambiguity : try Ht & "a" instead :-)

And if you wanted to record the value of the a input, then you should have written write (l,a); .... but that wouldn't have worked either since you missed : use ieee.std_logic_textio.all;

Keep faith...

Bert Cuzeau

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