Sorry I'm not being clear about this!!

Thanks a lot for the input! But your'e missing my point!

Here's my rant...bear with me!!

With the two 50" RCA DLP units I HAVE talked to the MAIN Tech who has taught me RCA courses in the past. Joe Esposito...he's the man! He says just order a lamp. Great! But the Tech on the ASC support line says order a Light Engine (an $ 1,800.00 item times two)! My point is this. If RCA's KNOWLDGEABLE Techs can't get it right...they know it better than anyone am I supposed to repair it? I'd rather give up repairs totally, than guess with $ 1,800.00 parts! We have become a tiny shop over the years, & can't throw away about $ 2,000/unit, just on a guess. I really don't understand the DLP, it's very complicated, how it starts, software wise, & I have never seen one work so I can hear how it sounds, with the cooling fans, light engine, etc. They both give no led indication at plug in, press power on, the two fans will turn on, & right off again three times (just like the RCA 3-strikes your'e out), then one gives an led code 10 then one, the other gives 6, then 3. But both guys say different parts are gone, but with two different codes, I would not think it's the same part gone...although I think it is. I get +390 volts DC into the ballast, & 65 volts AC at the lamp...I know there should be high voltage there! There is none. I don't know what's gone at this point. Having said all that, just imagine a customer...that could be me, or you someday, having only one year warranty, needing a light engine, & it's about $ 3,000.00, for a non-tech, or customer. These units should not even be built. I WANT my customers to be happy, & come back. I'm not in it for the money, I get paid the same, if I work 40, or 60 hours. I stay back at work, just to get the work done, I don't have to. If I "guessed" a couple of times....& we all sometimes do, I'd be out of a job, & so would my co-workers! Sky.

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