DLP questions.

Bad question, I know. Does RCA have a DLP problem?

Just got two 50" units in, only out by one number in their serial number. Example: 1234567AB, & 1234567AC. One dead right out of the box, the other dead, after not much use. They were made in Feb 2005. Called Tech support, we are ASC. One guy said: Light engine bad, which is about $ 1,800 can, another Tech said: Lamp bad, about $ 250 can. What's a Tech to do? I haven't even seen a partially working unit yet, to know what it sounds like when starting up, & running. How can you test a DLP lamp? There expensive, & you can't measure them, to be sure? Can you set up a test jig, to test the lamps? Sky.

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Since you got 50 sets, you should invest in some spare parts for testing. The service centres try the parts to test. This is the safest and most feasible way to service these sets.

Normally, the TV sets, and appliances of today are serviced at the modular level. If adjustments are required, depending on the particular requirements, you may need to invest in the proper tools, service information, and etc to do the work.

If you are not properly trained and not willing to invest in to doing the service on your sets, it would probably pay for you to find a service contractor that is set up for this type of service. If you paid a good price for your sets, and they have some re-sale value, then they should pay for you to have them properly serviced.

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I think you read that wrong. He has TWO 50-inch sets...

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Unfortunatly it's pretty hard to test the lamps, they're DC metal halide or super high pressure mercury depending on the design. Both require a somewhat sophisticated electronic ballast which is not necesarily easy to get running when not connected to the rest of a unit.

You *may* be able to get one to glow by using the driver board for one of those cheap little neon sculptures or something similar. If the lamp does anything at all on one of those then it should at least fire up on the correct ballast.

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That's probably a lot better than 50 2-inch sets!

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)


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