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I have a Sony VCR model SLV-EZ8 which is about 6 years old. Its a 6 head hi-fi unit. Recently, the sound on recordings made with the unit, have a strong phasing effect during playback. It seems to be worse until it tracks and at times the phasing is only slight but there is an obvious effect - kind of like what you can achieve with parametric eq. I opened it up and played around with the alignment of what I think is the sound heads and I can make the problem lessen but not disappear unless I screw them down far enough to make the alignment so bad that the signal turns mono. Then the phasing and parametric eq effect TOTALLY disappear. I suppose 'natural' phasing is a stereo effect?

Does this sound like an alignment issue or could the sound heads be worn? Anyone got any suggestions before I fork out the caaaash for a pro to look at it?

Thanks in advance.

Stephan Carydakis.

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Stephan Carydakis
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Turn off the mix mode you are listening to the linear and Hi Fi tracks at the same time. John.

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Thanks John. Some one's been pressing buttons - maybe the dog. That fixed the problem. Now I just have to realign the sound heads for a nice sound!

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Stephan Carydakis

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I hope you haven't violated rule 1: Never twiddle *anything* without first marking the original position!!


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