Sony LCD Monitor problems.

I have Sony LCD monitor SDM-HS53. I have had this ongoing annoying problem that comes and goes. Does anyone know how I can resolve it? I don't want to pay money for a new one or take it into a shop (too expensive). Is there something I can do to resolve it on my own?

Heres the problem:

The monitor goes blank (black screen), like the light dims down so bad,

it looks like it is off when using the computer. It happens doing random things like surfing the internet, word processing, listening to music,etc. This happens 3 or 4 times a day when using the computer.

To get the monitor screen back to normal I have to keep hitting the ON button, turning it on and off. Sometimes this fixes it right away. sometimes it takes 30 minutes to come back on. sometimes if will flicker on for a split second and then go off.

What can i do about this short of throwing it out the window? Please help!

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check your video cable connections-look for loose connection or bent pins

try another monitor-is it really the monitor? or the computer at fault

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Michael Ware

Sounds like the backlight inverter board is on it's way out

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