LCD Monitor 15" with backlight problems

Hi, I have this monitor with a problem at backlight inverter. Before I had this problem, the monitor even shut off lamps (but picture still on screen) and I simply turn it off and on again until it never turned off lamps anymore. I opened it and discovered that a surface mounted fuse on the backlight inverter blows up. I try to short circuit the fuse and turned on but seems that never will happened....... When I re opened it, i realized that backlight inverter pcb has completely blown (pcb tracks and components melted). Now I found on Ebay some backlight inverter that should work with my monitor but how I can be sure that all this problem has been caused by a inverter malfunction and not caused from lamps?

The monitor signals are ok, power supply to inverter it's presents and dimming too.

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To be sure replace the lamps and inverter at the same time.

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Jumpster Jiver

Tell me the LCD number maybe I can help you

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