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My ProView flat screen LCD monitor suddenly went black. It is powered with a small 12v pack. I have a green power led, showing it's getting power---maybe??? However, switching it on and off has no effect---still a black screen.

Does this sound like a power failure? Or, is it going to be something else? Yes, it's just out of warranty. ProView wants $120 to repair-----unless it's the screen that's bad; then it's going to be $320. I can buy a new one for about that.

I just hate to have something like this that I can't fix. Don't want to just toss it---unless there's no alternatives.

If it's the little power pack, I can one of those for $30. But, I'd like to feel fairly confident that's what's wrong, or I'll be throwing my money away.

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Sounds like a backlight problem. I had a Proview BM568 in for repair with the same symptoms, and it turned out to be the SMD fuse on the inverter board open-circuit.

Be very careful with the inverter board, the little transformers on it deliver very high voltage to the CCFL (Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamps) tubes and there will be high potential even on the transformers' cores, so you don't want to be touching any part of them or the circuitry taking the voltage from them to the lamp connectors.

You can sometimes tell if it's just the backlight not working by looking at the screen carefully whilst a video input is connected and using a torch angled towards the screen to get some reflection from behind the LCD display. If you can see some of your desktop (if using Windows, say) then the screen is functioning but the backlight isn't.

If you need more fino or help, just say so and I'll be glad to advise.

Best regards, James

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