Sony KDE50XBR950

Believe it or not I dropped my 50" Sony Plasma & surprise surprise it's not covered by my home owners. The set works great, but, I'm looking for a broken Sony KDE50XBR950 to swap the glass off of. If you can help me locate one that would be great.

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Is the cover glass removeable from the plasma display part? If it is take what you have into any good quality glass place and ask for some low-e (IR and infrared blocking) glass of the same thickness cut to the same size with finished edges.

If it is affixed to the plasma part of the display, time to start shopping for a new one. I assume you did not call your insurance company when you bought it and add a rider to your insurance? That is usually required for most really high dollar items in the household, like expensive jewelry, etc.

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Call the Sony parts rep for your area, and see if the glass is available as a spare part. I have a feeling you would have to replace the complete display. I think the glass is bonded to the front of the display on that model, as like many others. This you will know when you take it apart.

I believe the front glass is really a type of hard acrylic. This is not something you can buy at the hardware store, or glass supplier. This acrylic meets high optical quality standards, has anti-glare coatings, and is also UV filtered.

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