Sony DVP-C650D carousel out of alignment

What is frustrating is that I have fixed this before but can not for the life of me find the web page or forum that I found the fix again. My child pushed in the tray instead of using the eject button and this model specifically states you can not do that or you have to send it in to get it serviced. When I turn on the unit I hear a humming sound, 1st the door opens 1/4 of a inch then it opens 1 inch, then opens all the way, then closes to the 1 inch position, then tries to close, then finally opens all the way then stops. Before I seem to remember there was a setting to reset the player at it's home position. Something like with the power off push the tray to the closed position then when turning on the power hold down the CD1 button the play button and the eject button at the same time and the player would initialize / reset to the home position and then the carousel tray would work as it should. Can someone please tell me what the sequence is to realigning the carousel tray? I was shocked that the service repair manual does not mention anything about aligning the carousel tray but has tons of pages on aligning the laser and trouble shooting circuit boards.

Thanks, Will

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As you have nothing to lose... have you tried it?

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William Sommerwerck

Not sure how to relate this in a usable way, but here goes.

(With Power OFF)

Often you can lift the center portion of the carousel and tray and sort of bend them up above the teeth of the driving gear underneath. While doing this, rotate the gears to where there is a gap or open section of the main gear. Let the tray etc back down. At this point the tray should slide in and out freely without being influenced by the gears. Might take a couple tries.

Then push the tray all the way to the rear, fully snug against the rear panel. Turn the unit ON and the mechanism should reset.

If this does not work, your only choice is to remove the little keeper brackets on the sides and just fool around with it until it works...

Mark Z.

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Mark Zacharias

There is an alignment procedure for these units. It does require removing the tray though. Being off by one tooth will prevent this from working properly. Look for a copy of the service manual. IRRC, the procedure is shown in the manual.


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