Replacement battery cells/packs for an automotive jump-start/air-compressor widget

At one time, I had a link to a site that provides replacement battery cells or packs, but I don't find it at this time. I have one of those automotive jump-start/air-compressor widgets that has a sealed, lead- acid battery that no longer takes a charge. Does anyone have a link to a supplier of replacement batteries for such a device?


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Think you'll find a replacement battery costs more than a complete new unit. In rather the same way as low cost cordless power tools.

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Dave Plowman (News)

You might find a replacement on Ebay That's been the least expensive source of relacement batteries for the grandkids' battery powered cars.

Search for the specific size, such as

12 volt 10ah battery


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Just do a search, but I used to like to buy the better Panasonic batteries from Digi-Key.


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The trick I've found with cordless power tool batteries is to wait for replacement packs for other power tools to come up cheap and then change the cells over onto the old pack.


Nicholas King

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Nicholas King

Have a llok at

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. I found all sort of gizmo there, and they're quick and serious. Good luck.

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