Re: Capacitors at RF

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On Tue, 19 Jan 2021 13:32:52 -0800 (PST), Phil Allison

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I'm x-posting this to sed so the regulars there can see don't confine
your obnoxiousness to that forum alone.
The question I posted originally wasn't addressed to you. I always
begin my posts to "Gentlemen" in the hope arsewipes like you will read
no further and go straight to the next message. Didn't work this time
did it? Why you saw fit to overlook that AND to stick your unwanted
nose into a subject you know *nothing* about. You think aligning the
IF stages of some old radio makes you and expert on RF? You're a
no-mark, Allison. You don't design shit. You fix up stuff; that's all.
And audio stuff at that - NOT RF. And no one needs a PhD in
transmission line theory just to twiddle some pots in a chain of IF
cans. A trained chimpanzee could do it.
So you were strutting your stuff on a electronic design forum when you
know nothing about design. You ignored the fact I'd addressed that
post to *gentlemen* and you chipped in your 2c on a subject you know
FUCK ALL about AND were foul-mouthed and abusive into the bargain. All
probably because you were pissed as usual. You have nothing worthwhile
to contribute so just fuck off back to the gutter where you belong,
you hopeless drunken PoS.

Re: Capacitors at RF
Accursed Doperote:
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**Wow  !!!

That is *quite* a "dummy spit "   ..........  

Bet the horroble puke punched him mom and chucked his toys about when he was 4 or 5 years old.  

And he's still doing it  !!!!!!!!!!!!.  

......  Phil  

Re: Capacitors at RF
Three Things:  

1. Tourette's Syndrome can be partially controlled with strong drugs. But the individual most take those drugs on schedule. This individual does not.  
2. This particular individual is nearing its end-of-life with nothing to show for it, alone, and nothing to pass on. "Bitter" about covers it.  
3. And,  it never gives a good result to argue with the Village Idiot in any case, as said idiot is immune to reason and unencumbered by the thought process.  

Have a nice day.  

Peter Wieck
Melrose Park, PA  

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