Old Yamaha kb: problem found

Yes, it's me again. Bear with me for a moment: I think I found the problem.

The EKB is Yamaha PSR-12, about 20 years old. I can leave it powered for a long time, no problem. Play it for 30-90 seconds and it freezes up, keys don't work.

It has 4 boards:

1.) "1684 PN1" - large board with markings for voicings 2.) "1684 PN2" - large board with markings for effects, etc 3.) Power Supply - from batteries or converter 4.) Switch - main power switch and master volume

1.) connects to 3.) via a pair of very long wires. The connector (or concentrator or ?) that mounts on 1.) looked funny, so I calibrated my multimeter for ohms and tested for continuity between solder points on the 2 boards. One wire measured about

5k ohms resistance, the other about 4k ohms. I *think* I measured 5v between these 2 some days ago (at 3.)).

I powered the unit and played it until it froze, then jiggled the connection at 1.). It unfroze momentarily. I jiggled some more, again it unfroze momentarily.

I'm pretty sure I've found the problem. Hopefully now to assess how it might be repaired.

The connector (or concentrator or ?) on 1.) is just a little white

3-D rectangle. The 2 wires stick thru the board and are soldered on the opposite side (like beau coup other connections on the unit):

formatting link

(Disregard all the dawgs) :-)

Does this sound/look like a broken solder joint where the wire sticks thru the board? Other possibilities?

What might be involved in a repair? Possibly just re-solder??

Any/all help much appreciated.

Cheers, Puddin'

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Puddin' Man
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Don't see any red S's as indicated on the (pretty blurry) photo. Troubleshooting 101 dictates a thorough visual inspection including 'exercising' all connections, and resoldering any suspect ones.

Good luck....


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In the time it took to ask the question, you could've re-soldered the connector in question!

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