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I have an old 1991 14" TRL VGA monitor which I would like to fix.

It was working until it started making a horrible noise. I took the cover off and could see the flyback transformer flashing over to the chassis. I cleaned out the burn marks and covered them with several layers of epoxy glue.

When I turned it on the monitor worked for about a minute and then it started arcing on the PCB that plugs onto the tube. There seems to be a spark gap on the connector itself.

Is there something wrong with the flyback transformer - voltage too high?

Any ideas?

Thanks Paul

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Or more likely an internal short. The screen and/or focus voltage on the CRT PCB is too high which is why the spark gap is arcing.

Even if the original problem was excessive voltage caused by something other than the flyback, the flyback is now damaged and would need to be replaced. It is probably impossible to find one now.

--- sam

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Sam Goldwasser

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