Mobile phone in a box = video projector?

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Cheapo no-name/rebadgeable chinese video projector. Uses really only an
analogue IC to process baseband video and sound,
and mainly a TSUMV56RBUT-Z1 processor (LCD driver+ more) , only info in  
But mention of Android OS emerges in the otherwise chinese script.
So is it just a mobile phone LCD display in a box , changed firmware to  
handle HDMI and SVGA inputs,rejigged pcb, plus high power LED floodlamp  
instead of backlight, compound lens, mirror,2 fresnels , one pivoted for  
keystone, and a radial fan for relative quietness, and a small speaker?

Re: Mobile phone in a box = video projector?
On Saturday, June 23, 2018 at 2:49:06 AM UTC-4, N_Cook wrote:
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Cicret Bracelet Phone?


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