Magnavox RM8550 Rear Projection

Just bought this used projection and the screen is very dark. I tried to adjust with the main menu controls but it didn't help much. Is it possible to "refurbish" a TV like this?

Didn't spend a lot to buy it and was hoping not to spend a lot to improve it. Is it a "fixable" problem or too much for an older rear projection TV?

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They drive the tubes really hard in these sets, and the phosphors burn over time. It tends to be an accellerating problem, since the dimmer it gets, the harder you have to drive it to get a watchable image. If the color is still even, fresh coolant, optical cleaning, focus/screen/drive/background alignment, and minor convergence may restore it to watchable for awhile. Don't expect miracles since they were not all that bright to start with. You could theoretically replace the tubes at $450 times three plus all the above to restore it to like new performance, but your money would probably be better spent on a new set.

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Ol' Duffer

I see these sets parked by the curb from time to time. I saved several light box assemblies from scrapped out units for several years thinking they might come in handy, but never did and I finally trashed them all.

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Bill S.

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