LCD Acer. it warms up after 20 minutes, or so, the unit has tiny specs throughout the screen, very, very tiny specs, the the right half of the screen starts to shake from left to right, it gets so bad the screen gets like it, & it's totally unwatchable. Model # AT-3201W Part # EV.M0307.002 shuts off after about an hour. Anything common on this unit? Thanks, Dani.

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There's not much the average person can fix in an LCD other than the backlight. It seems you have a logic fault and Acer may not supply you with new parts, even if they did they'd likely approach the price of a new monitor.

It *might* just be faulty decoupling electrolytics causing noise on the supply rail, but that's a long shot. Try freeze spray and a hot soldering iron on the caps and see if anything changes.

After that, try the freeze spray on ICs and other semis, at least it should pinpoint where the fault is.

If it's serious (ie bad ICs) your only real hope is to find an identical donor LCD with a cracked screen and swap the PCBs. Failing that, I'd give it up.


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Dani : I have had mixed results re-soldering the main video controller board within the monitor. Sometimes it works real good. Other times it does nothing to fix the problem. I think they use multilayer boards and sometimes these boards develop contact problems between the layers. I even try to solder the solder-thru holes that connect the different layers. The use of freeze spray is a good idea when trying to locate the area of the board that is causing the problem. Also, it is a good idea to use an ESR meter and check the electrolitic capacitors. I have seen some puffed-up ones on LCD monitors that were only

2 or 3 years old. The manufacturers will not sell you parts for these monitors. Hope this helps.... John
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