Emerson EWD2202 dvd/vcr combo

A friend asked me if I could fix this thing... I said not likeley, but I'd give it a shot.

The problem is in the DVD portion, not the vcr.

If you put a Disc in, CD or DVD ( tried both), display shows "load" it spins up, the lense mechanics try to focus and what not, spins down, and repeats this maybe 5 times or so, then gives up, and finally displays "-----" on it's internal display. IF you don't put a disc in, but still eject the tray and close it back, it very quickly displays "-----". This makes me think that the laser is at least working.

She did not tell me if it was a gradual problem, or if one time it just suddenly did not work, with no warning sings. I tried to clean the lense, other than that, I don't know much else to do. IT looked pretty clean inside actually.

My hunch is, some component failed that is virtually impossible for me to find without some sort of diagnostic equipment, or by replacing parts one by one untill it works again.

Any Ideas on this?

Thanks in advance.


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Laser. Buy a new DVD if it isn't under warranty.


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I've had 3 of these P.O.S. things in the past 6 months.....went cheap to save some money and every single one of them has crapped out the exact same way just like you explained. I still don't have a fix so if you've found something or know how to reset the machine, etc,...I'd love to hear it. Otherwise, I've got $360 in Emerson paper weights.

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This thing wasn't mine..... how long were the warrenties on yours?



"-----" on






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When cheap here too... But I was far more fortunate on the DVD front.

I still had a good VCR, a Sharp I bought used in 1997, so all I was looking for was a cheap DVD. So when Superstore had the Citizen JDVD3830 on sale for $50can last Xmas season I grabbed two; one for myself and one for my brother-In-law. I've seen a least two other "repackaged models" with identical specs, features, & design at around $40 this year, but with a different name branding.

It's a nice little unit... Plays DVDs, CDs & MP3s well enough (no ID3, 8.3 file names). I haven't had any luck getting it to play VCDs, AFAIK it only supports an early version of that spec. It has most of the features you'd expect from a DVD, but the button layout on the remote is a little cumbersome, as is the onscreen display for MP3 playback.

About the only issue is the annoying power button.

The power button on the remote puts the unit in "sleep mode", indicated by all three colour LED being on. But to actually turn it off you have to use the front power switch, which acts like the rear power switch of a computer; complete power off... }:8P

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