Help please, I know nothing

Please be patient while I give you all the information I have.

I have a circuit board (stamped CJ95). Attached to the board are 4 LED lights, a battery holder for 3 LR44 batteries, and a rubber button. When the button is pushed, the lights cycle in order. Push it again, and they all flash together. A third push produces another flashing sequence, as does the fourth push. (It's a novelty item).

Is there an easy way to make this unit stay on without flashing? Oh, there is also a black blob of let's call hardened black plastic hiding something.

See, I don't know anything abou circuitry, but I do know what I'd like these items to do.

Please e-mail me at if you think there is a way I can fo this, without frustrating you with stupid questions.

Thanks, Barry

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Chris Reddie
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The black blob is hiding a computer. Well, actually a digital circuit that does the flashing etc. You can bypass the black blob with a resistor to make the LEDs just stay on. :)

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Sam Goldwasser

Thank you Sam. That is a HUGE help. I knew it could be done.

After reading your post, i then went on ebay, and there are hundreds of auctions for resistors. Any idea how I would know what type I am looking for? (I have 500 of these flashing sticks that i'd like to work on.

Also, once I get the proper part, is it a simple matter of touching both ends of the resistor to the lines on the circuit board until I achieve the desired effect, and then solder it on?

Thanks again for the assistance,


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Chris Reddie

What exactly is the desired effect? Sam's reply was somewhat of a joke, yeah you can use a resistor to bypass the controller and make the LED's glow continuously but they won't blink.

If you hold the button down will it do what you want? If so you could bypass the button with a piece of wire, if it cycles once and then stops there's really nothing you can do, all the circuitry is potted in the little blob and there's no way to modify it.

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James Sweet

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