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For about a year or so, I have been thinking about something like that.A
few sites I have looked at before are   and Pansat.(I don't remember the URL of Pansat) I have
read before the equipment cost anywhere from about $150.00 and up and
there are no monthly fees.Mostly, I want to watch live Ireland and
Scotland television on FTA Salettite TV in good quality, I would buy
another tv set or tv monitor just for that.Of course there are many
other tv stations and radio stations too.I appreciate any information
about FTA Satellite TV.Especially if any of you folks have any
experience with that.Which is the best one at a resonable price?

Re: Free To Air Satellite TV
Good evening.
There is no Scotland or Ireland TV anywhere in the US arc that I am aware
of.  There are quite a few foreign channels (~125) on the Ku side of Galaxy
25.  Mostly middle eastern or Asian, Russian, etc. Ku uses a dish 30" or
larger, C-band uses a dish 7.5 ft or larger, with 10 foot being the
standard.  When looking at the Lyngsat charts, frequencies with 4 digits are
C-band, 5 digits between about 11700 and 12200 are standard Ku, and 12200 on
up to 12700 are typically DBS pay channels such as DirecTV and Dish Network.
The free to air hobby does not include stealing Dish or Direct programming,
however there are a very few Dish channels that are viewable without

Free to air is a good hobby, If I can be of any more specific information,
please feel free to e-mail.  Pansat's URL is , but I do
not particularly recommend their units.

Lee Richardson
Evansville, Indiana
Satellite dealer.

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Re: Free To Air Satellite TV
Evansville is a good Town.My little doggy's Pro Pac dog food is made by
Midwestern Pet Food,Inc in Evansville.I lived in Martinsville,Indiana in

Anyway, back to FTA Satellite TV.I am Scotch Irish by ancestry and that
is why I want to watch live Scotland and Ireland TV.If those two
Countries are not in the arc, as you say, then I guess I will forget
about it.Thanks anyway.

Re: Free To Air Satellite TV
Good afternoon.
Yeah, I have never seen anything from there, about the closest is BBC and
Deutche-Welle.   If you ever see a channel in Lyngsat that you would want
and need to know the least expensive way to get it, just let me know.

Lee Richardson

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Re: Free To Air Satellite TV

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You have to be careful reading Lyngsat. For example, there is one satellite
with FTA BBC (several channels), ITV, and a bunch of other U.K. programs.
I can "see" it from my backyard with no trouble.

However, I can't receive it's signals. They are concentrated in a spot
beam, so you can get away with a small dish in the U.K., but here you
can't receive it with a 9 meter dish. :-(

It's not Lyngsat's fault, you have to check coverage maps too.

Look at too.


Geoffrey S. Mendelson, Jerusalem, Israel  N3OWJ/4X1GM
IL Voice: (07)-7424-1667 U.S. Voice: 1-215-821-1838
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Re: Free To Air Satellite TV
Recently, a day or two ago, a guy in Ireland, in an Irish computer
newsgroup, he said he wants/wanted to watch ITV. He said, But he can not
watch ITV unless he is in the UK.I pay about $55.00 per month for my
DirecTV service.Total Choice, something like that.
If I could watch live Ireland and Scotland TV with a FTA Satellite TV
rig, (legally, that is) I would go for it.

About seven years ago, with my WebTV box, I used to watch taped replays
of  news, weather, and sports programs from Ireland.Every afternoon
around 4:00 PM or 5:00 PM, I used to click on that.Windows Media,
whatever it was/is.MSNTV (WebTV) can't/won't allow us webbys (WebTV
people) watch those Irish taped replays or other taped replay programs
anymore.Those Irish tv station taped replays were stop acrion/freeze
action, sort of like on some of those movies we watch on tv.Chuck Harder    has some big satellite dishes and satellite
equipment.I bet he can watch any tv programs around the World he wants
to watch.

Re: Free To Air Satellite TV
Good afternoon.
That is correct, there are also many different transmission methods such as
DigiCipher, 4:2:0, 4:2:2, standard definition, high definition, etc.   This
is my hobby as well as business, so if anyone has any doubt about the
ability to view any specific signal in the continental US, I will be happy
to share what would be required to receive it.

Lee Richardson

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