DVD player infrared remote sensor

Just tore into my children's DVD player to repair a stuck button. I now have a problem with the remote not working.

I thought it might be the remote transmitter, so I tried the trick of lookig at it through a camcorder, and it does light up. I've now decided that it's the remote control receiver in the player. The player is a very inexpensive Apex player, but I hate to throw it away if it's inexpensive to repair. I didn't see any obviously loose pins on the circuit board.

Are these sensors somewhat generic? Something I can pick up at Radio Shack for a few $$$? Nowadays, the dvd players are just about useless without the remote. As a side note, I tried to program my Directv receiver remote, and it didn't work.

Any thoughts?

Michael H.

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Most things are.

Have you tried a 'universal' remote? Sometimes you can pick one up for $4 or $5.

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Have you checked the circuit board and wiring/cables in the DVD players, especially around the sensor? You may have pulled something loose, cracked a board, or physically put something together wrong and the sensor is blocked.

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If it turns out the sensor is bad, are you capable oof changing it? I have a few APEX DVD players with other problems that may have the same IR receiver. I'd be willing to send one for the price of shipping.


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