Do remotes talk to each other?

I have come across a strange problem. I have a house that has an entertainment center that operates on a remote. It's been there for years and works great. Two months ago I had a new wall unit a/c installed with a remote control. Now when the a/c automatically turns on, the entertainment system goes on and off. We have always had a wall unit with no problems. The electric checks out, so theres no problem that anyone can find. The only thing someone suggested is that the remote sensors talk to each other. Anyone had this problem? Lou

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I don't think it can be the remotes. The A/C is probably creating a transient on the power line to which the entertainment center is responding.

Try plugging the entertainment center in to a different wall socket (on a different branch from the breaker box). You could also meter the power at it as the A/C cycles and see whether there's a mini "brownout" when it comes on.

Faster transients can sometimes be dealt with through the use of ferrite cores.

In the worst case, a mini-UPS or voltage stabilizing transformer could be used.

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