"Failed to talk to init daemon"

My AFP server stopped working, so I decided to reboot it:
pi@raspberry-pi-server:~ $ sudo reboot
Failed to start reboot.target: Activation of
org.freedesktop.systemd1 timed out
Failed to open initctl FIFO: No such device or address
Failed to talk to init daemon.
Any idea what's up?
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D.M. Procida
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I ran apt-get upgrade, as this seems to be some sort of kernel issue.
Now we are stuck on:
Unpacking raspberrypi-bootloader (1.20170427-1) over (1.20170405-1) ... Setting up raspberrypi-bootloader (1.20170427-1) ... Removing 'diversion of /boot/start.elf to /usr/share/rpikernelhack/start.elf by rpikernelhack'
and have been for quite some time...
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D.M. Procida
That's a symptom of systemd dying. I've had that happen to me before, and I've needed to resort to "magic sysrequests" to reboot.
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There are ways for a root user to activate the magic sysrequests via the filesystem, if you can't type them with a SysRq key, eg over a network connection.
Elijah ------ my dictionary says AFP: alpha fetoprotein
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Eli the Bearded
Looks like the SD card is faulty:
$ ~ f3write /Volumes/Untitled Free space: 3.61 GB Creating file 1.h2w ... OK! Creating file 2.h2w ... OK! Creating file 3.h2w ... OK! Creating file 4.h2w ... OK! Free space: 0.00 Byte Average writing speed: 1.15 MB/s
$ ~ f3read /Volumes/Untitled SECTORS ok/corrupted/changed/overwritten Validating file 1.h2w ... 2097152/ 0/ 0/ 0 Validating file 2.h2w ... 2097152/ 0/ 0/ 0 Validating file 3.h2w ... 404848/ 0/ 0/ 0 - NOT fully read due to "Resource busy" Validating file 4.h2w ... 1275912/ 0/ 0/ 0 Assertion failed: (tot_size / SECTOR_SIZE == (tot_ok + tot_corrupted + tot_changed + tot_overwritten)), function iterate_files, file f3read.c, line 210. [1] 15899 abort f3read /Volumes/Untitled
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D.M. Procida

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