DELL Inspiron 5150 doesn't charge the battery

I have a problem with my Laptop Inspiron 5150. These are the symptoms: Without a battery and with the power adapter plugged into the laptop...pressing the power button causes nothing, only I can observe the two outer most LED?s of three on the front edge of the laptop to flash on for a split second every 7 second. With battery power and power adapter plugged in, the laptop works using battery and no charge the battery. It seems to be a DC/DC converter that is on the motherboard.

I disassembled the computer and on the motherboard found out among other resistances, capacitors and stifles 4 integrated circuit: [1] LM393 (2x one is the nearest to the battery) [2] LM358 [3] MLAS298 I measured integrated circuit placed nearest the battery and has AC voltage adapter on Vcc. How to test that LM393 works properly ? the battery has little bit less voltage than normal (when is full). Maybe is there way to cheat the battery and connect directly from AC adapter ? On priv I can sand the picture of motherboard. battery pins :


+-^^^^^^^^^--------------------------- 1.3.....9 +-^^^^^^^^^-----------------+ | |||| || | | |||| |+- GND | | |||| +-- GND | | |||+------ 1,1Kohm -> GND | | ||+------- 0,9Kohm -> GND | | |+-------- 14V | | +--------- 14V | | | | [BATTERY] | |___________________________|

Between 1 i 2 voltage = 0V

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I am also facing the same problem, did you find any workaround to fix the problem?. Please let me know.

Regards, Arul

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