2D graphics on compulab ARM sbc under linux - advice please

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Hi all,

I have an XScale armbase module from compulab (www.compulab.co.il) and
I'm developing an embedded display system.  It will drive a greyscale
LCD module.  I need to draw:

- Antialiased lines
- Polygons, Circles & Arcs
- Text (antialiased or not)
- Images (bmp or jpeg)

I'd like "flicker free" buffering support, and a concept of layers
would be very useful too - I'd like the ability to remove objects from
the display without re-creating the things behind them.  Everything is
in 2D.

I've been looking at a variety of packages, (qtfb, gtkfb, allegro etc
etc) and there seems to be a lot of window managers out there. My
linux distribution (from Compulba) has the Linux framebuffer enabled,
and it includes an X distribution,but surely this is overkill for my
application?  Ideally I'd like to run without X.  My application is
single tasking, full screen, with no keyboard or mouse.  An open
source static library seems ideal to me.  Allegro seemed ideal but
needs porting to the arm.  Driectfb looks good too, but I'm not sure.

Can anyone advise me in the selection of a library?  Has anyone been
there and can recommend a library or set of libraries which are


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