Which host distribution?

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I'm getting problems more and more, so now I'm going to ask here.

What linux distribution uses a 2.4 kernel and XFree86 3.3.6 and is able to
compile BusyBox?


I want to compile some kind of minimalistic linux for my notebook
(i486SL/33) using Kernel 2.4, BusyBox 1.3 and XFree86 3.3.6. (Later versions
don't support the graphics chipset and binaries are too large/slow because
of the many drivers included.)

It works, but I am not able to compile the XF86_SVGA server for this system.
My compiling distribution is Debian Woody (and RedHat 6.2). The latter uses
XFree86 3.3.6, but BusyBox doesn't compile on this distribution (it uses gcc
2.92). I compiled gcc 3.3.6 and tried to compile BusyBox using this, but I
failed also.

As I have not gained much experience (apart from that I got when I put
things together - this is the state I am now) I don't know how to handle the
libraries. Right now I simply copy over the needed libs to /lib/ on the
notebook. Do you know some howto which simply describes the steps needed to
be able to build a glibc/uClibc on a host to run on a guest?

Please help me...


Re: Which host distribution?

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This is a bit strange. I have busybox running with this debian 2.4 kernel on
a arm processor board. busybox hasn't to do with xfree86 or am I wrong?
I would NEVER copy libraries to your /lib directory unless you want to have
severe problems. copy them to usr/lib or usr/local/lib and add it to the
search environment LDpath variable.
Did you try perhaps some older versions of busybox?

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Re: Which host distribution?
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No, it hasn't. But I would like to have a single box which can create
everything I need for my "distribution".

But on my Debian Woody XFree86 doesn't compile and on RedHat 6.2 BusyBox'
build fails.

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I don't want to modify the host at all. I only want to create a filesystem
image that I can copy onto the destination machine (which is underpowered to
compile itself).

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I tried BusyBox 1.2 and 1.3.1, neither of these works.

What I want is simply a machine which gives me the possibility (without much
hacking) to compile Linux 2.4, some BusyBox, XFree 3.3.6 and some other
software I need (e.g. Toshiba utilities, pcmcia-cs, mc, ...).

Does anyone know a well-suited host distribution or some scripts doing the
Buildroot seems a good starting point, but I didn't succeed compiling X.


Re: Which host distribution?

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What you want is to get a copy of Dan Kegel's crosstools, then build a
X86 toolchain.  That way, you can pick whatever compiler you want, and
build whatever you want, without impacting your native install.

However, what you're talking about is quite a large undertaking.


Re: Which host distribution?

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You may want to try openembedded.  I recently built a distro for a
geode embedded system with it:

http://bec-systems.com/web/content/view/57/9 /


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