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I'm starting learning "build linux from scratch" and I need a really small
footprint. Glibc is a little big for my applications. I heard there are some
other small libraries, like uclib, newlib. Is uclib dedicated to uCLinux?
can it be used for Linux running on X86?

The CPU on my board is Intel X86.


Re: Which library?
Hans Ren a écrit :
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LFS has got its own news server (news.linuxfromscratch.org i think) with
very specific and dedicaced newsgroup. you'd better use them : the
answers are fast and very good

http://www.enstimac.fr/~caruana /

Re: Which library?
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On Tue, 10 Aug 2004 21:37:33 -0700, Hans Ren
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A Google search on "uclibc" brings you to uclibc.org, where you can find a
FAQ.  By the way, I read the BasicLinux mailing list.  The maintainer of
BasicLinux was looking at uclibc, but decided not to use it because it
requires at least a 2.4 kernel and BL currently uses 2.2.

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